Who and What We Fund

Eligibility: Funding can be given to any Scottish or UK registered Charities and to unregistered bodies that have charitable purposes providing the donation is used to benefit the people of East Renfrewshire .e.g. community groups, older people’s groups, youth groups, etc. All organisations must have a fully operational bank account before applying for grant funding.


As the amounts available will be relatively small, the Trust is eager to ensure that the grants make a big difference to small projects. Therefore, small groups (under £5,000 of income) are prioritised. Although not excluded, it would be unusual to make grants to organisations with an income of more than £20,000. Organisations do not need to be charities, but do have to satisfy our definition of a voluntary organisation, as follows:

Has a positive community purpose and;

  • is run by a voluntary committee
  • is not set up to distribute profit to shareholders
  • is not run by or affiliated to a political party/platform or a government body


Grant allocations:

Limited number of one-off grants up to £250 (or up to £500 in exceptional circumstances).


What we will fund:

  • Small scale equipment purchases
  • One-off event contribution
  • Healthy activities for the community
  • Support for well-being of community members.


The Trust would expect any activities that were funded to:

  • benefit East Renfrewshire people and communities;
  • be inclusive of as many people as possible; and
  • bring people and communities together.



We will not fund:

  • Private organisations
  • Public sector bodies
  • Recurring costs (such as annual events)
  • Wages
  • Volunteer costs
  • Business costs
  • projects that do not tackle health and well-being issues
  • projects that do not benefit East Renfrewshire communities
  • major equipment purchases (in exceptional circumstances match funding may be considered).



N.B. At this time, the Trust is unable to fund individuals due to the restricted nature of the fund pool. However, this will be likely to change in the future.