Success Stories


ERSGT requires evidence that the funds are making a difference to the health and well-being of communities in East Renfrewshire. Rather than a formal written report of how the funds were used; this will take the form of Case Studies comprising of:

  • Participation levels (exact figures are preferable, however, a rough estimate would be acceptable)
  • Photographic evidence
  • Short personal testimonies from participants (thoughts and experiences of those who attend events or participate in projects/activities).

On completion of activity/event – please ensure appropriate consent is sought before submission of evidence.





P.A.R.T.N.E.R.      Scottish Recovery Walk,  Glasgow Green, 19th September 2015


Funding: £246.50 provided for travel and lunch costs for 15 members to participate in event


PARTNER 1 PARTNER 2 Walkers supporting one another


The walk was a great success with almost 2000 participants from all over Scotland.

“The recovery walk is not just important to us as a group but to the individuals themselves, it lets us meet other groups, individuals who are going through  recovery as well. Scottish recovery consortium, as do P.A.R.T.N.E.R., focus on the recovery of addiction rather than the addiction itself. We have been through the detox treatment and  group-work side of things and now focus on recovery, as we say ‘we couldn’t do it ourselves but together we can make it’.”

– Iain McWilliams, P.A.R.T.N.E.R.


Fairweather Drop-In            10th Anniversary Lunch, Newton Mearns, 1st October 2015  


Funding: £100 contribution to overall catering costs of £515.00


DSC_0153 DSC_0164 fair 3

- those who joined in the celebrations enjoyed some great food and cake!


In recognition of their 10th anniversary Fairweather Drop-In held a celebratory lunch. Local Councillors were invited along with representation from local businesses and the third sector. The event was considered a great success by all (with a special mention given to the excellent food that was provided). During the last 10 years the group have organised educational trips around Scotland and beyond, exercise classes and lunches for all its members.

“The celebration was an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of health and well-being; whilst celebrating the diversity of faith and culture within East Renfrewshire.”

- Jagdish Singh, General Secretary, Fairweather Drop-in


Barrhead Gardening Project (on-going activity)

Funding: £232.83 for start-up gardening equipment

barrhead garden1 Members of the gardening team

The Barrhead Gardening Project has been established by service users at the Barrhead Resource Centre. The group, who meet every Monday at the resource centre, They provide a free service for those unable to maintain their own gardens. The group approached Bellfield Court Sheltered Housing Complex offering to maintain areas not under contract. After meeting with residents and the warden a range of tasks were completed. These included path-clearing, weeding repainting 8 wooden benches and cutting out a flower bed for one of the residents to plant her flowers.

The restored benches…barrhead garden4  before barrhead garden5  after

The new flower bed… barrhead garden2            barrhead garden3  and the weed-free paths.

Bellfield Court’s warden, Sheena Shaw, wrote to the group thanking them for all their efforts and hard work. She stated that “All our elderly tenants so appreciate the super job you have done…it has encouraged so many of the isolated residents to come out and sit in the garden and enjoy the company of others.” This was a sentiment shared with residents themselves:

“I wish to thank Steven and the team for all the great work done…the residents will enjoy sitting out in the good weather”

- Mr Paton

“You and your team did a fantastic job restoring the garden benches. All your hard work has been invaluable, most appreciated.”

- Mrs Meekin

“It is a pleasure writing this letter to thank you and your team. The work done on the the benches was first class! The whole place look a million dollars thanks to you guys.”

_ Mr Meekin

The group hope to extend there service throughout the community. Please get in touch with the resource centre for further details.

For more information on the gardening project please contact: Barrhead Resource Centre on 0141 577 4501


East Renfrewshire Faith Forum                                   Journeys of Hope  31 March 2016

Funding: £250 towards the cost of catering, hall hire and transport

east ren faith forum Members of the East Renfrewshire Faith Forum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

East Renfrewshire Faith Forum is a multi-cultural group whose principle objective is to promote cultural/religious diversity and understanding across communities.

The idea behind the event was to offer support, encouragement, and hope to (recently arrived) Syrian families. Former refugees from Uganda, Bosnia, Syria and a victim of the holocaust were invited to share their stories to provide positive experiences of life in Scotland. This was done in an effort to encourage integration and understanding; whilst, hopefully, allaying some of the fears the Syrian families will likely have.

Before the programme began there was a vegetarian and kosher buffet of hot and cold food. Much to the delight of the organisers there were many more Syrian families in attendance than originally anticipated. The crowd were treated to performances from a newly formed Syrian Children’s choir (with an 11 year old soloist) and followed by member of our Jewish Community, Alex Singerman. Further entertainment came in the shape of a quiz much to the enjoyment of everyone (particularly the children who took great delight in shouting out the answers!).

“The organisers have expressed their thanks to all who attended and took part in the event which was heralded a resounding success by everyone. In particular, the Forum wished to thank the volunteer translators, whose help proved invaluable and kept costs down. Furthermore, thanks were given to the Trust for its financial support.”

– Grace Brookmyre, Treasurer, East Renfrewshire Faith Forum



Neilston Community Council Litter Picking (on-going activity)


Funding: £140 for Litter Picking equipment

Litter Pickers

- Neilston Cubs & Scouts take part in a litter pick-up.


Like a growing number of community council areas; Neilston holds a number of litter picking events throughout the year. Equipment was purchased by Neilston Community Council to allow more volunteers to participate in clearing up the local environment.

The Neilston Litter Pickers were out in force on this sunny occasion; this time cleaning up Kingston Park. The 1st Neilston Cubs and Scouts helped clean up the area with a good number of bags filled with litter.

The cubs thought the addition of professional litter picking tongs, “just like the ones the Council use”, and bin bag holders made it easier to get the rubbish cleared up; with the  Scout leaders commenting that these were “a lot better than the ones they had before and made the task much quicker”.

 “Well done to these youngsters who volunteered to help keep our village clean. Who else would like to volunteer to help at the next litter pick, all help very welcome to clean up our village?”  – Neilston Community Council

For more information on volunteering and other community issues in Neilston you can visit their website at: 


Ani-Pals Friendship Club                                             Launch Event    Monday 25th April 2016


Funding: £185.00 contribution to materials and equipment for animal food



- Event stalls provided info and activities on: animal habitats, feeding habits and conservation.


Ani-Pals is a new and inclusive youth group for young people ages 14-25 who have an interest in animals. It aims to promote confidence and resilience in a social setting; whilst encouraging integration of young people within the community through links with various schools, nurseries, care homes, pet shops, parks and other appropriate agencies.

The launch event took place at Woodfarm Community Centre and was attended by over 20 people (mixture of young children, teenagers and adults). There was plenty of animal conservation information and fun activities to take part in including constructing home-made bird feeders, preparing hedgehog food and making cat and dog biscuits. Some people brought along their pets too! Many of those who attended were interested in finding out more about the club and how they could volunteer.

Everyone who came along had a great time as these quotes suggest…

I really enjoyed making the butterfly feeder and seeing the animals…thanks for the great time” – Kim

“There was a great atmosphere” – Marlene

” I liked the animals, information and chatting to others” – Amy

“I think this is a great idea…kids will love it!” – Lynn

For more information on Ani-Pals you can visit their website at:


121st Glasgow (Clarkston) Scout Chanter Group (on-going activity)

Funding: £250.00 for trainee bagpipe equipment (chanters and beginners guides)


The 121st Glasgow Scout Group provides fun, challenge and adventure to over 320 young people, from East Renfrewshire.  The Scout Groups are in the fortunate position of having a number of parents and volunteers who are experienced pipers. As part of an expanding programme, it was suggested that they set up a chanter group to make use of these skills.  Other groups have been successful in their ventures, with Scout Pipe Bands contributing to communities throughout the UK.  There was significant uptake for this project and the group leaders were excited to take this forward.

The ERSGT grant allowed the 121st to purchase 10 new practice chanters for young people to begin learning. There are now 7 beginners attending the classes, with 2 intermediate players and 4 advanced players also attending.  By having these intermediate and advanced players, as can be seen in the picture above, they are able to keep the younger players focused in their eventual aim of starting the full Scottish bagpipes.

“From personal experience having travelled to international Jamborees, as well as having been on expeditions to Europe and Canada, the bagpipes attract vast amounts of attention and admiration.  Being able to pass on these skills with significant input from professional piping tutors provides a wonderful opportunity for the group, and this has been made possible by the generous donation from the ERSGT.”  

- Gordon R.A. Jack, Explorer Scout Leader, 121st Glasgow (Clarkston) Scout Group


Articulate Cultural Trust (on-going activity)

Funding: £250.00 for camera equipment


Articulate Cultural Trust were asked by the East Renfrewshire Champions Board to assist care experienced young people to find and nurture their creative voice through the medium of photography. Following some expert led tutorials and a period of artistic experimentation the group of young people developed and curated an exhibition of their own work.

The two week exhibition was a resounding success; attended by over 1500 people including the groups’ corporate parents, friends, advocates and East Renfrewshire residents. As a group, they will now be presented with Arts Award accreditation. Future projects will include visits to other exhibitions and taking part in other art forms to further their creative talents.

This will hopefully encourage more younger people, from all backgrounds, to engage with the world of art. Allowing them to share their views, hopes and aspirations with everyone, including key decision-makers, across East Renfrewshire and beyond.


Barrhead Refugee Families                                          Family Day Out Event Saturday 6th May 2017

Funding: £160.00 for transport costs

This was an outing for refugee families currently resettling in the Levern Valley area and is part of a larger programme of resettlement & social integration between partner agencies including East Renfrewshire HSCP, NHS, 3rd Sector & the local community.  Its aim is to introduce (and to support access to) social activities, interests, hobbies to the families.

The partnership secured tickets for a football match in Glasgow with several families expressing a wish to attend; . 18 individuals went along on the day; including mums and dads, brothers and sisters.

“The event will help the families integrate with the residents not only of East Renfrewshire but the wider community. It is encouraging individuals to enjoy sport but, more importantly, hopefully help them to move on from the horrific trauma they have been subjected to.  It is an event that family groups will enjoy and will hopefully encourage gender equality in their new environment.

I would like to just to say a huge thanks to ERSGT for their support with this trip.  It was a great success and the families had a great time.  Thanks again.”

- Brian Walker, Levern Valley Service Manager, East Renfrewshire HSCP


Eaglesham History Society                               Geophysical and Historical Event The Orry, Eaglesham  Monday 5th – Friday 9th June 2017

Funding: £500 contribution to event costs


Pupils from Eaglesham Primary School setting out survey grids for Resistance survey of The Orry (adjacent to the Wishing Well Tearoom).

The objective of the Eaglesham History Society is to provide knowledge of local and national history. To collect and catalogue items of local history and to undertake research into local history. The Society started in 2012 and has been involved in local historical events since its inauguration within the community.

The activities for the 5 day event included practical hands-on experiences of geophysical demonstrations, surveys and historical workshops (for local school children and residents) undertaken by professionals and the Society.

The event provided an opportunity to get involved with the heritage of the Eaglesham and Waterfoot area and become more knowledgeable about it whilst encouraging a sense of pride in where they live and to value their own heritage even more.


Tuesday Friendship Club (On-going activity)                                             

Funding: £496.18 contribution to entertainment equipment costs

tuesdsay club The Tuesday Friendship Club

The Tuesday Friendship Club is a recently established Voluntary club for Adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs.

The club was set up to tackle social isolation; a major factor in the health and well-being of communities. The club provide a social event once a week from 6pm-9pm every Tuesday in the Columba Club, Barrhead.

The club is for Adults over the age of 18; where they will be able to participate in dancing, singing, bingo, raffle, themed nights, karaoke and more.

At present, the majority of participants are from the Barrhead area. However this is a fully inclusive club, which is open to residents across East Renfrewshire.

ERSGT funding was used to purchase some much needed electronic equipment for the club. Club founder Mags Monaghan was delighted when she told us “Thank you so much I am so pleased…now I will be able to operate the club on a laptop rather than on my phone! The club has gone from strength to strength with a whole host of entertainment events now possible. The members have lots of fun..and we were delighted the Tuesday Friendship club were successful in obtaining funding”


Back to School Bank East Renfrewshire 

Funding: £500 contribution to event costs

More information to follow


Busby Memory Lane (on-going activity)

Funding: £123.00 to purchase bingo machine


Some of the Memory Lane gang saying a big thanks to ERSGT for their new bingo machine.

The club was started in August 2016 supported by East Renfrewshire Community Officers. Since April 2017 they have become self financing, constituted group with a committee of 9 volunteers. These volunteers help with tea making, supplying the food and the all-important washing up!

At present the group have 45 registered members with a weekly average of about 30 participants. Their activities programme is planned 3 months in advance and has as much variance as possible including Bingo, quizzes, films, guest speakers and entertainers. However, most members agree the bingo is a highlight.

The groups Treasurer, Robert Baxter told the Trust that “this bingo machine will be made available to any other club in East Renfrewshire should such a need come about…May I say once again thank you to ERSGT for their support and keep up your good work.”

Other comments included…

I really look forward to a Wednesday afternoon meeting up with the crowd enjoying a chat, quizzes, bingo and all the other entertainment arranged by our committee who work tirelessly making it so enjoyable for us all.”    – Marie

Member Eddy says that “since I’ve come to the club I’ve made a lot of new friend and though I’m only one of 5 male members I don’t feel out of place, in fact I’m now our official BINGO CALLER!”


East Renfrewshire Small Grants Trust are delighted to have been able to make a contribution to all of the above activities and events.

If your group or organisation are looking to support the advancement of health and well-being in East Renfrewshire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.