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Please read the following information regarding the application process.

All applications require quotes for equipment or event costs.

Please provide as much detail as possible for activity/event; without exceeding the stated word limits.

Remember that the activity/event must reflect the Trust’s main objectives and outcomes – the promotion of health and well-being for all ages within East Renfrewshire.

All grants are made on a one-off basis; no continuous funding contributions will be made and future applications cannot be for the same activity or event.

Please do not submit an application form if your organisation does not have a fully operational bank account. This must be in place beforehand.



Requirements for monitoring:

  • Invoices/receipts for all expenditure
  • Case studies for website (including)
    • Participation levels
    • Photographic evidence
    • Personal testimonies from participants


(On completion of activity/event – please ensure appropriate consent is sought before submission of evidence)



The Board of Trustees will assess all applications on a monthly basis.

Therefore, applications will be accepted on an open basis with no formal deadline.

All decisions will be final, with no process for appeal.



We will endeavour to inform all successful applicants within 2 weeks of the decision making process. However, these organisations/groups may be required to produce further information regarding their application.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified within 2 weeks of the panel’s decision.


Future Applications

In keeping with funding criteria, ERSGT will not accept funding requests for reoccurring costs. Also, applications for the same type of equipment/event will be rejected.

Unsuccessful applicants are asked to wait a minimum 6 months before reapplying to the Trust.

Successful applicants will have a 12 months exemption period from the date of their application.

***Paper copies of the application form are available from Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire***




East Renfrewshire Small Grants Trust
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Has your organisation received any assistance with this application from any of the named Trustees/Trustee Organisations (with the exception of Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire SCIO)? *
See the 'About Us' page of the Website
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Describe the proposed activities and/or event for which you are applying for funding. (Max. 400 words) *
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By signing below I hereby confirm that...
the information provided in this application is an accurate account of my organisation and the activities and/or event it wishes to pursue. Furthermore, my organisation gives consent to East Renfrewshire Small Grants Trust (ERSGT) to publish details of financial support provided and details of any activities and outcomes which arise from said support. This includes (but not limited to and without time constraint): ERSGT’s website and any publication or advertising materials produced.
I also confirm that my organisation will provide ERSGT with further details and information in connection with this funding application should this need arise.
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